Back in early spring I had the opportunity to work alongside local Designer Jacqueline Guerra from Love War & Fashion.

Wild Love was inspired by the spring bloom, the green, and flowy dresses! Our beautiful Miss Teen Universe contestant-model, Amor Guerra,  communicates to young teens to embrace their wild side. To be free-spirits and to pursue their dreams.

I couldn’t have asked for more. On the day of our shoot we had the perfect trifecta: weather, location, and model. The rest is history!

IMG_1545-PSD 12X18 copyIMG_1472-PSD 12X18 copyIMG_1470-PSD 12X18 copyIMG_1428-PSD 12X18 copyIMG_1707-PSD 12X18 copyIMG_1714-PSD 12X18© Margaret Paredes-Rivas / All Rights Reserved

Unless otherwise stated, all images are copyright © Margaret Paredes-Rivas. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you wish to use my images in any way, you must have my written permission. Do not claim my work as your own.

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