It’s no secret that deep within the roots of the U.S.-Mexico border lies a history that’s shared across school textbooks and documentaries; mainly known to those that live in U.S. border cities. The U.S.- Mexico border that we know today was established in 1848 with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Prior to that treaty however, there used to be a border, now forgotten, that dictated Mexico’s land ownership one that limited the United States’s expansion and Manifest Destiny.

Twenty years later, the United States would claim authority over, what are now the states of, California, Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico all the way to Texas. In light of restoring forgotten history a group of ambitious photographers set off on a road trip to remap the 1821 U.S.-Mexico border. Their project is named “DeLIMITations: A Survey of the 1821 United States-Mexico Border” where a 6-foot-6-inch obelisks was placed all throughout the West and the South to mark the ghost border of 1821.

As a photographer I understand the importance of restoring destroyed or lost images. There are gems hidden in every inch of this Earth and we must save and treasure as much as we possibly can. These two artists understood the importance of restoring (or at least identifying) the old border between two great nations. Of reliving history or of making it again.  DeLIMITations is a great project to showcase that art is not simply a form of expression but of history itself. For art will remain even if dirt lines are erased and redrawn.

Watch their video.

To learn more about DeLIMITations project click

Photo: Courtesy of the artists, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego Collection/Museum purchase.

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