“I will spend an eternity loving you, caring for you, respecting you, showing you every day that I hold you as high as the stars.”
―Steve Maraboli

This beautiful intimate wedding took place in at the Cabrillo National Monument, California on August 29th, 2015. Cabrillo is a top wedding location for San Diego residents and non-residents as well. This California historical landmark is located at the Southern tip of Point Loma where you can appreciate a gorgeous view of San Diego’s skyline, harbor and Pacific Ocean.

The reception was comprised of close family and friends who gathered to witness the union between Rolando and Daphne. A year ago on the same day you were gazing into each other’s eyes and saying I do. One whole year has passed and you still haven’t stop gazing. Happy first anniversary Rolando and Daphne!

IMG_2486-PSD 12X18IMG_2497-PSD 12X18 BW copyIMG_2634-PSD 12X18IMG_2637-PSD 12X18 copyIMG_2299-PSD 12X18 copyIMG_2455-PSD 12X18IMG_2452-PSD 12X18 copyIMG_2461-PSD 12X18IMG_2467-PSD 12X18 copyIMG_2704-PSD 12X18IMG_2657-SD 12X18IMG_2611-PSD 12X18 copyIMG_2573-PSD 12X18IMG_2557-PSD 12X18 BW copyIMG_2713-PSD 12X18IMG_2724-PSD 12X18 copyIMG_2728-PSD 12X18IMG_2398-PSD 12X18IMG_2434-PSD 12X18 copy© Margaret Paredes-Rivas / All Rights Reserved
Unless otherwise stated, all images are copyright © Margaret Paredes-Rivas. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you wish to use my images in any way, you must have my written permission. Do not claim my work as your own.

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