Edwin an Teresa’s wedding took place in a beautiful venue in Baja California. They were accompanied by their closest family and friends to share this special moment with them. They wanted the sea to be their witness as they shared their vows and professed their love for one another. Their wedding decor was of course in alignment with sea life and sea nature. Thank you Edwin and Teresa for allowing MPR Studio Photography to be a part of this wonderful new chapter in your lives. We wish you both the best and many years of a happy marriage. To the newly weds!

img_9668-psd-12x18img_9694-psd-12x18-copyimg_9673-psd-12x18img_9675-psd-12x18img_9720-psd-12x18-copyimg_9626-psd-12x18img_9850-psd-12x18-copyimg_9863-psd-12x18-copyimg_9905-psd-12x18-copyimg_9919-psd-12x18img_9749-psd-12x18-copyimg_9741-psd-12x18-copyimg_9956-psd-12x18-copyimg_9957-psd-12x18-copyimg_0610-psd-12x18img_9763-psd-12x18-copyimg_9777-psd-12x18img_9788-psd-12x18-copyimg_9774-psd-12x18img_9988-psd-12x18-copyimg_0011-psd-12x18img_0053-psd-12x18img_0075-psd-12x18img_0107-psd-12x18-copy-2img_0127-psd-12x18-copyimg_0148-psd-12x18-copyimg_0423-psd-12x18img_0266-psd-12x18-copyimg_0284-psd-12x18-copy-2img_0351-psd-12x18-copyimg_0464-psd-12x18img_0524-psd-12x18-copyimg_0562-psd-12x18img_0563-psd-12x18-copyimg_0559-psd-12x18img_0702-psd-12x18-copyimg_0756-psd-12x18img_0787-psd-12x18img_0796-psd-12x18img_0364-psd-12x18-copyimg_0363-psd-12x18img_0826-psd-12x18img_0834-psd-12x18-copyimg_0830-psd-12x18-copyimg_0606-psd-12x18-copy© Margaret Paredes-Rivas / All Rights Reserved
Unless otherwise stated, all images are copyright © Margaret Paredes-Rivas. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you wish to use my images in any way, you must have my written permission. Do not claim my work as your own.

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