VICU by Alpaca India

We are excited to announce that Alpaca India has launched a new line dedicated to toddlers and children. Meet Vicu by Alpaca India, a young and vibrant line specifically designed for our youngest family members. Vicu is a small family business on the Tijuana/San Diego border and is led by Olivia Arreguin and Leigh Suarez. Each piece is specially made to order using handmade techniques. “Vicu is the result of an evolving project that has matured into a brand devoted to the fun and loving alpacas of South America.” Vicu combines the innocence and uniqueness of each and every child by producing only a limited number of 100% handmade pieces with great attention to detail.  Here you can find the perfect gift for your little one.

Thank you Alpaca India for allowing MPR Studio Photography to be a part of such an amazing opportunity in your life and career. We are thrilled to have played a major part in the launching of this new project.


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