“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” – Confucius

What makes a body beautiful?

It is no secret that the media influences our perception of what a beautiful body should look like. Anytime we see an advertisement on TV, the internet or social media we are provided with the photo of the ideal beauty standard. For women, this is based around the idea of having a tall figure, a slender body and the most recent addition to the beauty standards, the thigh gap. There is an idea that women need to meet certain requirements in order to be considered “beautiful” in the eyes of the media and as a consequence society as well . What we sometimes forget is that beauty cannot be captured in a list that you can simply check off. In actuality beauty is everywhere, we simply have to train our eyes to see it. We’ve been blinded by perception rather than allowing reality to show us its true beauty. Beauty filled with imperfections.

During this session I wanted Melissa to feel free. Free from beauty standards, judgement . I wanted her to let loose and simply radiate her natural beauty in her natural spaces. Let’s celebrate beauty in it’s finest natural form.

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Some Behind the scenes.

Hair and Make up by itsahtty.

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