Fall Giveaway

To celebrate the fist day of fall we have a surprise for you.


Go to our Facebook fan page and tag a friend in the comment section where you see this image:14448842_1276968979004272_6606754218098459742_nYou can tag as many friends as you want [one tag per line] for a chance to win a special gift from Vicu por Alpaca India. ***The new collection from Vicu is for toddlers only***

ONE lucky winner will be selected on October 7, 2016.

Be the first to take a sneak peek at the 2016 Fall-Winter collection from Vicu por Alpaca India and visit their site today.

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Happy Birthday Frida!

Today we celebrate 109 years of Frida Kahlo! On a day very much like today (July 6th, 1907) Frida began to conquer a nation through her beautiful artwork. MPR Studio Photography would like honor Frida as an influential artist not only through painting but through photography as well.13625261_10154332935334288_405035989_nPhoto: Manuel Alvarez Bravo

In the early days of MPR Studio Photography, Frida Kahlo became the source of inspiration for one of the studio’s major projects. Frida was a source of uniqueness and freedom to be creative beyond the barriers of art photography.


As such, on this special day MPR Studio Photography would like to announce the winner of our Summer Giveaway featuring a Frida Kahlo mima by Maroma & Arte. Last week we invited all of our followers and viewers to participate in a Frida Kahlo inspired contest where individuals could submit a representation of what Frida means to them. Where creativity had no limits. 13607822_10154333076999288_1703086573_nPhoto: Maroma & Arte

We are pleased to announce that the winner for this Summer Giveaway is @melimajesty! Thank you for submitting this adorable Frida-inspired photo and for keeping up with MPR Studio Photography. We will contact you directly for more details of where we send you your prize!